well, it's over. not that i was worrying about it or anything. since hiro got all clingy and stuff back in september i really didn't have enough time to study. so i didn't. i'll be surprised if i get more than 50% on the test (i need 60% to pass). *sigh* but i did take all those private lessons, and i registered for the test, so i thought i might as well go. and, i had plans to go out with medea afterward so might as well be in the same place at the same time.

the kanji and vocabulary were surprisingly easy for me. most people who took level two felt the same. i was actually pretty happy after the first section! then came the listening. on the whole it wasn't very hard, but a few were very tricky. it didn't help that i kind of spaced out on a couple of questions. it's hard to concentrate when the test goes sooooo slllooooowwww....zzzzz. then it was lunch break. level one took longer so medea was still taking the test when i was done so i ran over to hokka hokka tei for a hot bento (i got one for her, too.) then raced back up to the uni to eat. after that it was time for the death test. that's what killed me: reading comprehension and grammar. actually, i thought the very last part of that part of the test was too easy. but the rest (espcially reading comprehension) kicked my ass all over fukuoka. *sigh* but, i am glad i took it. and if my score was high enough then i think i'll take it again next year. yay.