i will try to keep this from getting too whiney.

i hate the cold. so, i hate winter. hate it hate it hate it. i cannot function. and so, this poor house suffers. would you believe that i haven't vacuumed since before i went home? it's true. it's disgusting. i rarely cook, because the kitchen is so freezing. i spend as little time there as possible. i take baths/showers at least two times a day because it's so feakin' cold. i rarely eat lunch here (don't tell my husband, please) because i'd rather go to a warm restaurant or shopping center. i cannot type well and make all kinds of typos. and i hate to sit here and type, even though this is the 'warm' room, and so my blog suffers for it.

perhaps i should explain, and then you won't condemn me for a whiney-butt. i was born in cuba. in september. although i only lived there for a few months, my father was then sent to georgia (in the US). again, i only lived there for a few months before my father was sent to florida. six years later, we moved to south carolina. until i was ten, summer meant hot hot hot and humid humid humid. i loved it. winter was rarely cold: i remember it once snowed when we lived in florida. and it was such a dusting, nothing lasting, and it only happened once in my ten years in the south. *sigh* oh, how i miss the warmth.

then we moved to western washington.

a big difference, but still, it rarely snows in western washington. my senior year in high school we had an 'arctic freeze' come down from canada. two weeks of snow and solid ice. but that was an exception. of course, winters in the pacific northwest are colder than in the southeast, but not snowy. just rainy. so, in my fifteen years in western washington i endured the rain and learned to love it. to live with it. i missed the warm summer weather, but i had fifteen years to learn to adapt.

then, for some crazy reason, i moved to japan. now, i know that japan is not in the tropics, in fact, i thought hokkaido was pretty far north and must get cold. but, before i came here, i had NO idea it got so cold in the winter. i guess i thought it was a lot like the southeast: hot summers, mild winters. oh man, was i ever wrong.

and i don't even want to get started on japanese housing and the lack of insulation. *sob*

here in fukuoka it rarely snows. i think part of it is the wind. it's quite windy here, so clouds blow over. it rains a fair bit, and sometimes snows, but the snow just blows away. but it still gets pretty fricken cold here! argh! i suppose i should feel lucky that i'm not in the deep freeze they have in niigata and nagano this year, but i'm still cold.

so, i'm sorry for my lack of posts. i really want to do one about my kitchen, mainly because andrea did one, and i wanted to brag about how big mine is (though it still lacks counter space!!)

i apologize for the lack of posts, please pray for a heat wave for me, ok?