last friday i was at the kashihama shopping center (big surprise) and got a couple of books. the first one was the diary of anne frank. can you believe that i've never read it? me neither. i remember other classes in high school being required to read it, but i didn't. maybe because i selected classes like shakespeare, oral interpretation and college writing prep courses. or maybe because the public education system sucks. you pick.

anyway, i read it in a couple of days. it wasn't what i expected, but it was an interesting book. and i had no idea they were found so close to the end of the war. so sad.

the other book i got was anne of green gables. i have read it before, but i don't have a copy. and i think that it's a book i could read over and over. so i got it. i am enjoying it again, such a sweet classic book, i know i will read it many times over the years.