my final week back home was fine. my mom had the second off, i'm pretty sure we went out looking for final bargains. on wednesday i had to go to seattle to get some smoked fish for my in-laws, and to do some final shopping. i was really running out of room in my luggage, but my mom bought me another suitcase! in all honesty most of the shopping i did was window, it's just that hiro and i received so many things while we were there.

in seattle i had lunch with my friend lindsay. it was good to see her and talk though she only had about an hour. hiro slept through the whole thing. then i went to nordstoms to finally, for once in my life, buy a bra that fit. hiro slept through the whole thing. then i walked to pike place market to get the fish, and see if i could find the first starbucks. i didn't. hiro slept until we got to pure food; i guess the smell of raw fish woke him up. after getting the fish i took him up to the cheesecake factory for lunch. i got mashed potatoes and a baby plate for him and a HUGE slice of carrot cake for me. then we went to my mom's office to say goodbye to my sister and then go home with my mom.

we left early on thursday morning, and to tell the truth, though i would miss my friends and family, it was nice to be going back to japan and yoshi.