my mom had the day after christmas off, but then worked every day after that. in the mornings i would take her to the bus stop, sometimes taking hiro and sometimes leaving him at home asleep. my mom catches the bus at 6 am, so one morning hiro and i dropped her off and then i took him to walgreens. maybe it was my imagination, but i swear the employees there were looking at me like i was a bad mother taking my little baby to the drug store when he should have been asleep! ha!

i spent as little time at home as i could that week, and i often went out to lunch. i actually got a free lunch at Red Robin . the weekend before i had gone with my sister and mom and found out that hiro would eat the grilled cheese sandwich there. i knew they had fish and chips on the menu, so i went there for lunch. well, i guess my timing was all wrong. right when they brought me my clam chowder, i had to take hiro to the bathroom to change a very smelly diaper. when i got back, someone brought me my lunch:

fish and chips

but i noticed that my waiter had been replaced by two others. they must have had a run of customers and shifted the areas the wait staff were working on. i got lost in the shuffle! i had been forgotten. no one came by and asked me if i was doing ok. on one came by and offered me a refill. in fact, i started to feel like all the wait staff was purposly avoiding my eye. when i finished, i debated with myself whether or not i should just leave. in the end, though, i asked at the front to speak to a manager. i told him that i had been forgotten and didn't even receive a bill. he went to the back to figure it out. when he got back to me he said he didn't know what happened but that lunch would be on them. well, good. not that i wanted a free lunch, but...

anyway, new year's eve was on saturday, and i went to my friend's house again. all of us met up again and played trivial pursuit until the wee hours of the morning. we all spent the night there, it was almost like a slumber party (with husbands. kinda weird). i had a great time.