sorry that last post was so short. i would have liket to have said more, but i don't like to talk about friends here. there are certain people i mention here, mainly because they have blogs of their own, and they know this blog. the friends we visited last weekedn most likely wouldn't mind if i wrote about our visit, but one never knows. i'm not even sure if they know about this blog. and i could use initials, but i'd probably forget and use names so it's better if i don't risk it.

anyway. about standing. yesterday hiro stood on his own. he has been standing for a couple of months, but only when i stand him on his feet and let go. then he would promptly sit down. once or twice he would push off me and then fall back again. but yesterday he pushed back and stood on his own. he was so happy. then, when i took him to bed, he stood up on his own! for some reason, he needs to hold his hands straight up. maybe for balance, but it's so cute! i hope this means he'll be walking on his own soon (helping him walk is hurting my back!) but, it also means my little baby is growing up, and that makes me a little sad.