nor do i wish i were. i just don't feel....bloggy lately. sorry about that. and it's not that i haven't been doing anything, i just haven't had the motivation for writing. which doesn't stop me from reading other blogs. *sigh*

well, hiro still isn't walking, though he has taken a few steps on his own. still going at his pace. he does like to climb up on the leather chair. looks quite proud of himself afterward. and the other day when i was using the computer he started laughing next to me. when i looked, he was standing on his own. i think he stood up instead of using the table for support, but i'm not sure. but the doing it on his own really tickles him pink!

last thursday i went to nagasaki with a friend and her brother. we had a nice time, the weather was perfect (in fact, we got a little burned!) and we met a friend of hers who took us to a chinese restaurant for dinner. we went to places i have visited before: dejima, glover garden, china town and the atomic bomb museum and peace park. hiro fell asleep just as we were leaving glover garden and all the way through the museum and park! lucky him. as for me, i meant to bring the camera, but i forgot. and i thought i liked to take pictures!!

on thursday night, after we got home, i was very sick, and spent many hours in the toilet. ugh, it was so awful. i don't know if it was something i ate, but i sure emptied my bowels. and didn't have a BM until monday. i know, i know, you didn't come here to find out about my problems, but i'm pregnant, and it's all relavent!! ha!

i got tired of hiro's long hair and finally cut it on wednesday. what a traumatic experience that was!! i do not recommend cutting a toddler's hair when you are over-cranky from pregnancy hormones!! but he looks better, at least i can see his ears now!

looking at teddy

stacking blocks

and we finally got a photo of him standing. he looks funny because he's not quite sure if he's going to have to sit down quickly or not!

standing on his own