on saturday hiro and i were playing 'so big'. for hiro this means, 'stand up on my own'. so, he stood up using the table for help and then put his hands into the air. then, he lowered his hands and stood there. and stood there. i called yoshi's attention to hiro and hiro was still standing (it was a record for hiro!) so yoshi held out his hands and said, 'oide.' ('come here.') and hiro turned and walked towards yoshi. we were both so shocked! even hiro seemed surprised as he laughed! yoshi turned him around and i held out my arms and said, 'come to mommy.' and he walked back to me! we did that several times until poor hiro's legs got tired. then he was frustrated because he wanted to walk but his body wouldn't cooperate! poor little guy.


i made it!

also, over the weekend, hiro climbed up onto the table and then fell on his head! i had given up telling him not to get on the table because he seemed pretty confident and was able to turn himself around and get down feet first. he cried and cried. first, yoshi picked him up (since he fell in front of yoshi.) then i held out my arms and he came to me. and cried. then i gave him back to yoshi and he was still crying. after he got it out of his system, he seemed ok. maybe half an hour later hiro tried to climb up on the table again. i said sternly, 'NO!' and yoshi said, 'DAME, HIRO.' in his (very funny, imo) "daddy" voice. hiro cried because he was not used to our stern voices, and he also wanted to climb up on the table.

the table