last night hiro woke up and started crying hard. i tried to get him to go back to sleep (usually, i can) but something had really upset him (bad dream?) that's when i realized that i really REALLY had to go to the bathroom. so, i went to the next room and asked yoshi to come watch hiro while i went to the toilet. he's been sleeping in there recently. he said it's because he wants to read in bed and he doesn't want to bother us, but also i think it's because he's getting up earlier these days and doesn't want to wake us up. anyway, he stumbled into the tatami room, put his arms around hiro and i went downstairs. well, hiro went crazy! i went as quickly as i could, and when i went upstairs there was yoshi restraining hiro. i thanked yoshi and he rolled over and fell asleep on my side of the futon. i got hiro all settled and he fell right asleep (!) but then there was yoshi in my bed! i thought about going to the other room, but if hiro wakes at night and i'm not there, he screams. so, i laid down next to yoshi and he scooted over. then i took my pillow back. yoshi just picked up the pillow i've been using for support between my legs and hogged my blankets (you know, since the baby's been born, i've had my own blankets. i don't miss yoshi stealing them...) so, yoshi spent the night with us.

in the morning yoshi heard his alarm in the next room and got up. he prepared for work and before he left he came up to say good-bye. then he told me that he didn't remember coming to the room, did i call him? i laughed and said, yeah, i needed you to watch hiro. ha. he didn't even remember. i should have taken advantage of him!