i've caught a cold. last thursday night i was feel quite awful, headache and a cough coming on. during the day on friday, though, the symptoms went away for the most part and i didn't feel like going to the doctor. i should have, though. i finally went this morning. i got cough medicine, pain medication and medicine for a sore throat. i already had some gargle medicine at home, so i didn't get more, but i really hate to gargle. i hope i can sleep well at night (the pain medication makes me sleepy), but hiro has this new habit of travelling while sleeping and often ends up with his head on the tatami. then he moans. *sigh* so, i have to reposition him. he also likes to sleep on my left arm, which is ok for a while but then i have to turn over. sometimes he wakes up and cries if i move my arm. then i have to give my arm back. oh man.

i'm sure it's the changing weather which has brought this on. warm one day, snowing two days later. i cannot wait for the stable spring, even if it does mean more bugs. come on spring, you can make it!