sorry i haven't written much lately. there's not much to say. *sigh*

i know i haven't talked much about my pregnancy. there isn't much to say. i don't have morning sickness (thank god), so i can't bitch about that. i don't feel any movement yet (though my doctor said i might within the next month or so) so kicking doesn't keep me up at night. i always have to go to the bathroom, so pregnancy doesn't seem any different. i am getting 'bigger', i can feel it. in fact, we went bowling yesterday and i sucked, so i think my center of gravity has definitely shifted.

friends came to visit yesterday. medea and her husband came to visit. i know that they just wanted to see hiro and go to costco, but we had a great time. they came in the morning, and ryu wanted to go bowling, and medea wanted to go to costco. we hadn't really had breakfast yet, so we went to royal host (yay pancakes) before we went bowling. as i said, i sucked, but none of us did really well (even the guys) so it wasn't too bad...then i had to get something for hiro's lunch so medea and i went back to the house while our husbands went off to have ramen. then we (medea and i) drove to costco, where we spent lots of time and money shopping and gossiping! i wanted to have mexican for dinner so we got the chicken enchiladas they sell there (very spicy!), some salsa and tortilla chips. i had refried beans and we got a couple of (almost) ripe alvacados and made guacamole. our husbands went out for more ramen, after the first, but i made them promise not to eat too much because we were having dinner at home! dinner was terrific, if spicy, and hiro ate lots of beans and guacamole! we had such a great day, i wish they could have more time to spend with us. or that we could visit them more often.

my mom sent me a box that had cheerios, froot loops, pop tarts and packets of gravy in it. LOL, guess who's having cravings! i'm not craving mashed potatoes and gravy like i was, but it will be nice to whip some up once in a while! the froot loops taste just like i remember. i do have to be careful because i shouldn't gain too much more weight. *sigh* i really wish i hadn't gained so much after hiro! but it's hard for me to exercise with him. ok, enough whining. hiro actually remembered the cheerios and picked up the box and indicated that he wanted to eat some. he's really quite smart but i do wish that he could talk. in a couple of years i may wish he couldn't, especially if he's a 'hey, guess what! guess what! you know what? mom, guess what!' kind of kid...

my boss called me on friday and told me that they found a teacher after all and they don't need me to continue into april. on the one hand i'm relieved. it will be nice to finish (though the kids have really settled into our routine and i have no problems these days) but it's a little early to leave work (because of pregnancy) but it makes sense, because my contract ends, and so many contracts begin in april. i guess i'll enjoy my 'free' time but will miss the extra spending money.

it is actually warm this morning so i'm tentatively proclaiming winter to be over, come on spring! i am actually looking forward to rainy season this year, mainly because i found out last year that a rainy rainy season means fewer suzume-batchi!! come on rain! (i know, it doesn't start until june, but i'm ready!)

ok, i can't think of anything else. i'll try to be better about blogging!