ok, midori has tagged me. which is very lovely of her, but i don't know six other people to tag!! *sigh* and although i've already moaned that i'm not weird, i'm sure i can come up with something.

1) i had a spinal tap when i was young (eight or nine years old.) i don't remember much about the experience except two orderlies holding me down and the nurse or doctor telling me i'd feel a pinch and some pressure. you see, they had to use adult needles because the children's needles had been locked up, the person who had the key had gone home, and it was the winter holiday season so i was screwed. i don't remember pain, but my mom tells me i screamed and shouted, and after that i was afraid of needles. (i think this is actually related to the fact that i have claustrophobia, and didn't like being held down.) i didn't even want to get my ears pierced, although i actually did. that's why i didn't want an epidural when i was in labor.

2) i have no problems whatsoever with getting shots in my mouth at the dentist.

3) one of my favorite snacks is potato chips dipped in milk.

4) i had my tonsils out when i was five. poor me.

5) i love to sing. i sing all the time. i have even been known to go to karaoke by myself.

6) i also love calendars. i cannot have enough in my house.

there are rules and regulations with this meme, but i'm going to break them all. so there. if the blogosphere blows up, you know whom to blame.