my mom gave hiro a book (well, two books) of animals. the one he likes has a lion, a lizard, an elephant and a bear in it. each page has facts about an animal and a place to touch (lion's mane, lizard's skin, elephant's ear and bear's fur) and a picture on the side which you press and you hear the animal 'talk'. the lion roars and the bear growls, and now hiro growls back. at the book. he doesn't even hit the buttons, he just picks up the book and growls. turns the pages and growls.

the other night an animal show was on TV and the cutest little russian blue kittens were romping on the screen. you guessed it, hiro growled at the TV. then there were dogs on TV. hiro growled. monkeys, growl. well, i guess he knows what animals are!