you man notice two new blogs on my links list. i don't have many there, mainly because i like to ask before linking, and because i'm usually shy about asking! anyway, i'd like to introduce them.

the first is Gaijin Mama . we are not close friends; she once posted a link to her blog on MIJ and i checked it out. she (unlike me) is a writer, and she writes well. she has two children, twins, and from what i can gather, they were premature. please check out her blog, i love to check it every day.

the other is jazz. she is also a great writer (better than me, i mean. ;) i think jazz is very busy, she seems so interested in the world around her and wants to learn new things, but when she updates her blog, it's such a wonderful addition. i think most of you who read my blog know hers, but i wanted to mention it.