i love to read. here in japan, there isn't much at the library that i can read; that makes me sad. and that's what makes me addicted to the internet. but that's why i love blogs (well, blogs in english anyway). usually more interesting than the news (and more often than not, not as depressing!) and i can usually read something new every day. isn't that great? (i know, i know, i should update more often!)

so, kind of related to my last post, i wanted to blog about a few blogs that i read on a regular basis, but am not going to add to my links (mainly because they're famous and popular on their own, they don't need my advertising. haha).

first, wil wheaton. he's a great writer and updates all the time. also, i think he's still pretty cute. however, he's a geek. sometimes he writes about computer stuff, or role playing and it's way over my head. and, he's into poker (i'm not). but, he also writes about his life, about his marriage and his family or sometimes about things he remembers from his childhood--and since he's only about a year older than me, that's usually something i can relate to as well. anyway, he's had blog troubles lately but do please check it out.

next, tertia. i started reading infertile blogs like any of us start reading any type of blog: through a link on another blog. haha. anyway, the reason i like tertia so much is she's real, she's human and she updates all the time. and i don't mean just every day, i mean she sometimes writes two or three entries in a day. very very cool. her blog has all kinds of neat things, too, like polls and links and things, very user friendly. also, the last time i posted a link to her blog she came by and gave me a smooch, very G&D of her.

last, is morphing into mama. i pikced this one up from midori and i find her writing interesting. her life is very different from mine but i kind of wonder if it might have been more alike if i hadn't become a foreign wife...

well, that's it (this time.) anyone want to share a favorite blog?