a few people have asked me when i'm due; i'm due in september. i'm about 17 and a half weeks pregnant. but i really can't tell. except for my uterus which is really starting to poke out. and make my fat more prominent.

so, anyway, yeah, i didn't have morning sickness. there was a three and a half week period of nausea (not fun) but hey, at least i didn't throw up. phew. last pregnancy i only had a day and a half of nausea, if i get pregnant again i'll actually vomit...(don't worry midori. my mom remembers being really really sick with me but nothing with my younger brother and sister!)

last pregancy was rife with constipation and heartburn. very unpleasant. i can't remember when it started so i don't know if i'm getting a break this time or not, but thankfully i haven't had any problems in that department.

i've been thinking i've felt movement for many weeks now. but my doctor told me it wasn't possible. and when i've had ultrasounds and seen the little bean bouncing around in the womb, i didn't feel a thing. but last night i'm pretty sure i felt something. but then again, this morning i farted a lot so maybe it was just gas again!

haha, you thought i wouldn't say that, didn't you? but yeah, kind of waiting to start feeling pregnant instead of just fatter. promise not to complain about kicking feet in the last weeks!