last saturday we went to fukuoka to look at cherry blossoms. yes, i'm aware that today is friday. so? i am beginning to think i hate ohanami. very overrated. i will admit, though, that the japanese love for sakura has created very lovely crowds of cherry trees. i love the blossoms, hate the parties.

anyway, some pictures. it was cold and miserable. i really don't understand the draw: crowds, cold food and the possibility of sake (not when you're preggers! )

sakura parties below
this was taken from the fukuoka castle ruins wall. look at all those fools down there.

close up
a close up. it was dark and cloudy so i had to use the flash--i don't like the way this turned out.

university music students
this was the loveliest sight i saw: university students playing koto, shamisen and flutes. almost enjoyable...

prettiest tree
this was the lovliest tree i saw. in full bloom (the other trees seemed to be around 75 to 80% in bloom) with lovely full flowers. if i weren't so miserably cold, i would have thought this tree made the effort worth it. but i'm a bitch, so i just hated the whole day and couldn't wait to get home.