hiro almost got hit by a car today. i had gone to costco and he didn't want to stay in the stroller. i let him help me push the stroller to the car, and while i put something in the car, he wandered off. i swear, it was thirty seconds, and when i turned around, he was gone! i looked around and said, 'hiro?' then i went around the car and there he was, walking between the cars. the thing is, to his right, a car was backing into a space! he's so short that the driver couldn't see him. i shouted, 'HIRO!' and ran after him. thankfully, he was walking in a straight line and didn't walk behind the backing car or into the car, or fall down under a wheel, but omg, i didn't know he could disappear so fast.

so, i put him in his car seat, drove to toys r us, and bought a baby harness.