i love vanilla ice cream. especially the just freshly opened tub of baskin robbins vanilla. after a couple of days it might start to taste like eggs, but before that the creamy goodness is just divine. my favorite flavor is strawberry, though, not really exciting but something more than vanilla.

anyway, this post isn't about ice cream, it's about my blog. i know that some people catagorize their blogs (political, parenting, whatever) but i really don't know what mine is. i don't think it's an expat blog, even though i write about life in japan. i'm not really sure it's a mommy blog, even though i write about hiro a lot. it's not a feminist blog or a political blog...heck, if i voice an opinion it's a red letter day! i guess the blog category depends on the audience. and besides myself, my audience is my mom. this blog is also for friends and other family members who aren't a part of my daily life (which would be every other person on the planet except hiroyuki. ha.) but when i started this blog, it was to keep in contact with my mom, becuase i suck at e-mail and i didn't always have a phone line to keep in touch.

writing this blog was fine in the beginning. it was private and i could write all the dumb things i wanted (just check the archives LOL). but it also got boring. reading my friends' blogs, and then other blogs, i realized i wanted comments and people to read my blog. so, i made it public and started telling more people about it. but because my mom is my main audience, i don't write about the really bad things (hasn't been anything lately) or the really good things (well, hasn't been any of that, either). i'm not trying to make my mom feel bad by saying that, but the reason i say that is because i don't want my mom to feel bad. *sigh* does that make sense?

so, my blog isn't extremely exciting (but then, exciting for us is having vanilla ice cream) and it isn't funny because my sense of humor is really fucked up. but i'm glad that people read my blog and keep coming back. thank you.

by the way, to the person who found my blog by searching 'onsen baby 2 years old ok?', we took hiro for his first onsen when he was about eight weeks old. we were in a private family bath, but japanese people take their babies/children to onsen, so if you come back, yes it's ok to take a 2-year-old to an onsen.