when hiro was about a year old, i noticed there was a petting zoo near the mall where costco is. i thought he'd be too young to appreciate it, and i wasn't sure going with a stroller was a very good idea, either. however, we were there yesteday and the weather was terrific, it's supposed to rain next week, so i thought, what the hell. we checked out the petting zoo.

it only cost three hundred yen (hiro was free). there was a llama (i think), a couple of pigs, a cranky goose, two capybara (i think) some parakeets (didn't pet those) some flamingos, some goats and sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, a wallaby, a tortoise, a couple of monkeys, and some other animals i didn't recognize, but weren't allowed to touch, a lizard and an armadillo. lots of animals i guess. i was afraid the pigs wouldn't be so receptive of hiro's advances, so i kept him away from them. and the goose was very agressive. hiro went straight for the llama at first.

be nice hiro

and he loved watching the parakeets.


then he saw the goats.


i thought the flamingos were cool.


but the goose pecked the back of my knee so i didn't like it much.

cross goose

the rabbits were very friendly, they were used to people, though hiro wasn't used to rabbits at first.

keep away from the bunny!

pat the bunny

the capybaras were hanging out in the flamingo's pool.

relaxing in the flamingo's pool

all in all, hiro had a great time. i hope we can go again, maybe during summer, with yoshi.