the garden has survived another winter. now that spring is almost over, and rainy season is coming, it should be ok for another few months. it's really a good garden, fairly low maintenance. last year the landlady sent over men to take care of it once in a while, trimming the pine tree in front and taking care of the hedges. she also told us that she would come by to weed sometimes, seeing as i was pregnant and all. but i don't think she ever did.

i feel that i have to take care of the garden because if yoshi does it, he just hacks things. it was kind of sad last spring. *sigh* he even cut off the blackberry vine (which the landlady had pointed out to me earlier) which actually had some berries on it! ok, sure, maybe only six berries for the year, but i have not found any fresh blackberries here!!

of course, one thing i dislike about the garden is all the bugs. and we have this nice porch which the landlady painted just before we moved in, but she didn't paint the rails and wasps and hornets come by to take the wood to make paper *shudder*. you know how much i hate the suzume-batchi.

so, how about a few photos? these are from the garden. then from my planters. some of the flowers are from the winter, some are from the spring (can you tell the difference?) and the one spider plant that actually survived winter with my husband (it died, but then began to sprout again; i didn't expect that!)




open wide


survived the winter

trying again

petunias doing well

fancy petunias

and the spider plants. the green one just below is the one re-growing. the others are from the garden, also re-growing. i hope i can keep these alive through the hot summer!


coming back

you can also see these on my flickr page. but i like to make long drawn-out posts with pictures!