well, i was right, i was so tired on sunday. rugby was interesting, even if i did have to carry everything (drinks, snacks, diapers, etc.). *sigh* yoshi wanted me to bring the 500mL bottles of drinks he had in the house, and i wanted to bring lemonade...guess who didn't drink one of those bottles? yeah, the person who wasn't carrying it around. we watched the elementary schools and the high schools play, but because the BBQ and the rugby matches were at the same time, we left early and didn't see the 'professionals'. it was interesting to see.

we didn't know anyone at the BBQ except for the owner of the car maintenance shop. that's ok, though, because hiro was extremely popular for being so cute, though shy. we got our free dinner, and yoshi had a couple of beers, so that was ok. then we went home, bathed and went to bed.

all day sunday i pretty much spent my time on the futon. in the morning it was neighborhood clean up and hiro and i went out, though yoshi was the one doing the work from our household. just walking about chasing hiro exhausted me for the rest of the morning, so i stayed at home on the futon. hiro stayed indoors for the most part, too, though yoshi took him out for a walk a couple of times. we went out for lunch (though i wanted to stay home) but all my resting made yoshi think i was lazy, which made me want to smack him around the head with a stale loaf of french bread! good thing we don't have any in the house. *sigh* besides, i was too tired to even lift one if we had it. i even went to bed early with hiro and was asleep within minutes. i didn't DO anything yesterday. except be pregnant. you know, i don't remember this with hiro (not this early in the third trimester anyway). perhaps it has something to do with chasing/worrying about a toddler.