yoshi went to work this morning for a couple of hours, so i find myself with some internet time.

yesterday i had a check up at the clinic. everything looks well. the baby is at normal growth (though their computers were acting up yesterday so i don't have the estimated weight) and very active. hiro woke up early yesterday so when we were at the clinic he couldn't handle me being gone (he cried very hard) so he joined me for my weighing, blood pressure reading and ultrasound. the doctor was very nice to him, but hiro is quite wary of strangers, so he cried. i didn't gain any weight, so i guess that's a good thing. and my blood pressure was high for the first reading (but then, i moved my other arm, and i was a bit nervous about hiro) but the second was perfectly fine and normal (actually surprised the nurse. hm.)

so today we have a plan to go to the global arena and see some rugby matches. the professional teams will begin their match around 7 pm, but the events begin at 3, so i'm not sure what we're going to do about dinner. there's a BBQ at a car shop we have taken the swift to a couple of times, but that is from 3-9 pm, so i'm not sure if we'll make it in time. i'll have to talk to yoshi when he gets home.

i made lemonade this morning. my first lemonade of the year. the lemons were a bit old, so it's kind of tart. that's ok, i still think it's delicious. and hiro has been a good boy this morning, not trying to go out and climb life-threatening stairs or grab wasps or anything. in fact, he's inside playing with yoshi's juggling balls. he is getting sleepy, though, almost time for a nap.

i also cleaned the infant car seat this morning. would you believe there were two cockroaches in it?? i was so shocked and grossed out! blech! but i used good old windex on the suckers and they are toast. ewwww. *shudder* i am glad i cleaned the darn thing; i never would have expected roaches to be in there! i mean, hiro hardly ever ate food while in it (the current car seat however...) but maybe they liked it for other reasons. i'm not going to think about that.... i put the removable seat cushion parts in the washing machine, and cleaned the rest of the seat with windex, so i hope it's clean enough for the next baby.

if we go to rugby and a BBQ today, i will probably be all worn out tomorrow. *sigh*