well, i heard a few drops of rain just a few minutes ago. does this mean our rain is finally coming? it was supposed to start raining at around 6 am. now it's 8:30. and it's supposed to rain hard, today and tomorrow. come on, rain!! you know, in the time that i've been here, i've wished for the start of the rainy season. but by the middle of july i get tired of it. yes, even i start to wish for the end of the rain!

i love when it starts to rain. the smell of the pavement when it starts to rain reminds me of when we lived in south carolina. where summers were hot and we played outside everyday. just took your toys to your friend's house and prepared to spend the day in your imagination. playing in sprinklers or riding tonka trucks down steep hills. riding your bikes around the neighborhood or playing in the playgrounds behind the houses. when it first began to rain (on occasion) we would play in the rain a bit, it was very cooling. and our houses in south carolina had screened in porches, good for rainy days. that's when we would play with barbies or other dolls. on very special sunny days, we would go to the beach! and since we lived in navy housing, in the summer the local community center had summer programs for kids, swimming on tuesdays and thursdays, bowling on wednesdays, arts and crafts days, just so much fun as a child. living in the south as a child is why i love hot summers.