boy did it ever. sheets and sheets of rain. oh, bliss. best part? it rained from about 7 pm until 5 am. seriously. i mean, it rained today, but mainly sprinkling with occasional rain. coolness. i woke up this morning to a strange sound. at first i thought it was the neighbor idling his car, but an hour later when i woke up from a doze, i could still hear it. that's when i realized it was rushing water in the drains and ditches. pretty neat.

this year is my seventh rainy season, and last night was the first time it fufilled my expectations. each year it rains, sometimes a lot, sometimes not at all (and one year it didn't rain so the meteorological society declared it finished, and then it rained for weeks and weeks), but nothing like last night. unless it's a typhoon, and then there's lots of wind, too. it's supposed to rain all week, i hope it does!