on saturday i vacuumed the downstairs, especially since the living room needed it. and i started mopping, though only the kitchen was done (it really needed to be done!); i was too tired to continue (if you're interested, though, i did mop the rest of the downstairs, except for the tatami room--which will need to be done by hand, ugh--on sunday). yoshi told me that his co-worker had her baby two days before. since she's from munakata she had her baby in a local clinic, though she lives a couple of hours away from here now. i said we should visit her, and the perfect gift would be a box of cakes and cookies (one of the better gifts i got when i was in the clinic; i really had enough clothes and blankets by then that i didn't need more, but i was sooooo hungry from breastfeeding that cakes were good!) yoshi didn't want to go, he doesn't like this woman very much. i think that's because he's so nice and talks to just about everyone, and no one at the company liked the woman much because she talks fast, she smokes, she would come in late and leave early, but people thought she and yoshi were friends because he would be nice to her, and wouldn't talk shit about her behind her back (so yoshi got flak. why oh why does work have to be like high school??)

anyway, we went to lunch and then visited the clinic. the baby was very cute, and hiro got jealous when i was holding him. after a short while, we left (the baby was hungry and we didn't want to intrude on breastfeeding time.) i think yoshi was glad i made him go, and i don't think he (we) will be seeing her again (she quit just before giving birth). at lunch, yoshi expressed a wish to go to the beach. i love the beach, but it's not usually a destination you think of during rainy season. however, on saturday, the rain wasn't that heavy, just an occasional sprinkle. we went home (before going to the clinic) and i got some sandals for me and a hat for hiro and we drove along the coast until we found a small beach in fukutsu-city. hiro loved splashing around in the rain run-off going towards the beach. he also loved the waves, but yoshi had to work hard at keeping hiro's feet safe from glass, and also from plunging into the surf! hiro lost his balance once while splashing in a stream and landed on his bottom, so of course he got wet and sandy. he didn't want to leave the beach, either. we finally got him to the car and took off his overalls. yoshi noticed a ramen sign across the street (of course; fukuoka-boy...) and wanted to go for dinner. but...hiro didn't have any pants on! no problem, he had a long shirt...LOL

we had a nice day, it's good to spend such a good day together.