well, let's see. on friday i found a HUGE catepillar in the genkan. nothing so scary, except that it was so ugly. hiro was talking to it and almost touched it until i screeched, 'DON'T TOUCH!', and then he started to whimper. poor guy.

later that evening, though, i found a big black cockroach. ugh!! windexed it, but it still managed to run over my toes and made me shriek! and poor hiro started to cry...he's sooooo not going to be japanese about insects because of me. :D

on saturday morning there were ants in the living room. *sigh* my fault you see, because i hadn't vacuumed all week and hiro tends to fling cheerios around the room. oops. vacuumed them up, that seemed to take care of that problem. and i vacuumed the kitchen and moppped...it's been a while since i've mopped any room in the house! yikes.

we were out most of saturday but when we got home i found a huntsman spider in the downstairs tatami room. oops, looks like i spoke too soon. i didn't do anything to it, besides it ran away when i went into the room to get rid of the slug sliding across the tatami. ugh!!! (LOL)