we had a nice weekend here in fukuoka. the weather wasn't too bad, not rainy but not overly-hot. it was nice. on saturday yoshi wanted to go to karaoke, and i agreed. but when we got there at eleven, we found out they don't open until noon. we had already drove to the supermarket to get a discount coupon (they didn't have any) and hiro had fallen asleep, plus i had to go to the toilet. when i came back to the car (the karaoke place is in an amusement center/bowling alley) my belly felt really weird and uncomfortable--braxton-hicks i think--so i just wanted to go home. yoshi decided to go to the library and take hiro with him. i made him promise to wait for hiro to wake up and not leave him asleep in the car. i relaxed at home and for lunch yoshi came back and we went to royal host.

by that time it was nearly two, and the city was giving floride to kids from one to four. so, we went over the the main community center (meitoumu) and stood around a lot. i actually saved hiro's place in line while yoshi walked around with him. hiro was so fussy because he hadn't slept enough earlier in the day, it was difficult. and the standing around made me feel icky, so we didn't go to karaoke at all on saturday.

on sunday we pretty much relaxed. yoshi wanted to go to andante for lunch, but hiro fell asleep around eleven and i didn't want to wake him up. i was hungry, however, and made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which yoshi wanted half of. then, he wasn't so hungry so he changed his mind and wanted to go the italian buffet in kashiihama. fine with me. but then his brother was going to come over and he didn't arrive until almost six. the best deal at the buffet is to go at the end of the lunch time (until five) so you can pay the lunch price but have dinner. so, instead, we went to a tempura place in town. it was nice.

this morning at five there was an earthquake. in fukuoka it was a '3' but at our house it was probably merely a '2'. i was just barely asleep when i noticed the wooden doors shaking. sometimes it's the wind but they kept shaking...so i woke up and put my hand on the floor. then i could feel the shaking, but it didn't get any stronger than that. it lasted so long, though! the epicenter was in oita, where it was a six (at the center; in oita it 'felt' like a '5' apparently). i can't imagine how it must have felt to someone in a '5' zone!