i have added a couple of blogs to my blogroll. the first is nakagawa. she is an internet friend; she's canadian and lives on shikoku. she will be moving to canada with her husband and son soon...i wish we had a chance to meet before she goes!

the next is montchan. i just 'found' her blog the other day from homesick home, and i like her writing! she says she's adding me to her links, so i think i'll return the favor.

i've joined technorati. i'm not exactly sure what it does (i have a lot exploring to do) but i hope it can help me with tags or categories for my posts.

and, i've finally put the tickers on the blog. they're at the bottom, one for hiro, and one for the baby due in september. LESS THAN A HUNDRED DAYS LEFT!! gah. so, if you're wondering how far along i am, scroll down to the end of the blog.

phew. and i'm thinking of adding a poll. though i don't know what to ask you all! LOL