this afternoon hiro opened the screen door in the tatami room downstairs. that's where we sleep now, and i finally got him to sleep, but i didn't close the door. i was lying next to him, reading a book when a giant hornet flew in. i freaked out. it buzzed around the room, and i tried to open the door. there are four sliding doors between the tatami room and the living room and i was opening the wrong one the wrong way!! the easy chair is in front of those doors, so only the one on the far side is the one you can use to get through from room to room. the hornet flew close to me. hiro slept on. i put my head down. then i pushed two of the doors the other way....the hornet got closer. i wanted to cry. how could i grab hiro and get out of there? then the hornet flew out the way it came in. i could feel my fear pouring through me, though my stomach and through my face. i closed the screen door, though i couldn't be sure it really flew out (what if it just landed on the wall?? look! look!) but it was gone. hiro kept sleeping. and i had some juice.