yesterday i had to wait for some tires to be delivered to our house. yoshi got them over the internet for his brother. i know i shouldn't complain, but i really felt like i was stuck here in the house and couldn't do anything. that was not fun. but the tires arrived before two and then i was a free woman (as it were.)

sooooo, i took hiro to meitoumu. it's kind of like a community heath and help center. it's where the silver service is (kind of like a place for older and elderly people to find work, get together, etc.) the main building seems to be geared towards children. they even have a free playroom open from 8:30 am to 10:00 pm. that's where i took hiro. they have a 'ball pool' with those plastic colored balls that children can play with. hiro loved it. there was one other little girl there, younger than hiro, but she and her mother left after a few minutes after we arrived. it's probably more crowded on rainy days, and i think that i will take a chance and go there with hiro more often. i hope he likes it!

it's supposed to start raining tonight, hard, and be rainy or cloudy for the rest of the week. here's hoping!