on tuesday we were out and about when i thought i would stop by the pediatrician and check about hiro's immunizations. we missed his second polio dose for the second time. i had highlighted it on the calendar the city sent us, but someone (who shall remain nameless) put it away somewhere and i forgot. so...we have to wait until september for that. and since i'll either be pregnant or have a small baby, we just might wait until next march. so, next up was the third DTP shot. *sigh* they asked me if i wanted to do it that day (it was late in the afternoon on tuesday--after a holiday) and i asked if they had time. no problem. well, that beats going back, so poor little hiro got a shot when he least expected it. it's a strong boy, though, so it hardly fazed him. the spot was sore, though, for a few days, and he was cranky for most of this week. *sigh*

he's becoming more independent and wants to do things himself. for the most part that's ok, but i'm so short tempered these days, perhaps because of pregnancy, that sometimes it's almost a fight. poor hiro. and with the heat, i think he becomes cranky. i don't blame him! it's hard to sleep when you're hot.

yesterday we bought a potty. for a little while hiro's been showing signs of understanding when he has to go--like he understands the feeling. but he hates being put on the toilet, even with his clothes on. so, little potty it is. i got a combi one that can be used on the toilet, plus it converts into a step.

so far hiro enjoys sitting on it, and putting his feet inside. *sigh* he hasn't used it yet, but that's ok (especially since he puts his feet in it!)