the lovely montchan, who may or may not be my long lost twin ;), has tagged me with the letter "H". i have to come up with ten words that start with the letter H, and i guess i have to explain them....

1. Hiroyuki. easy enough, that's my son
2. Heat. yes, it's summer and it's nice and hot
3. Heart. love love love
4. Hope. we are young and our family is growing.
5. Health. for the most part, we are all healthy
6. Happy. bitchiness aside, everything here is fantastic.
7. Hard. my stomach is getting hard...LOL
8. Home. we have shelter, which keeps out the rain!
9. Hamburgers. that was dinner, since it's the fourth of july and all...
10. Help. hiroyuki has gotten stuck behind the TV, how did that happen??

now, i'd like to tag the following:

Midori with the letter J

medea with the letter R

and nakagawa with the letter P