hey everyone, hope you're doing well. our three day weekend is over. it was actually quite nice, if TOTALLY HOT!! ick. seriously. LOL the days weren't so bad, it's the nights i have problems with. i want to use the air conditioner, but my husband wants to sleep with us (so he gets cold and i have to turn it off). isn't that selfish of him?? hiro loves to sleep with his quilt, so the air con is fine for him, but not yoshi. if i turn off the air con, open the windows and use the fan, hiro still gets too hot and starts thrashing. and hitting the wall, waking me up. sometimes if i take of the blanket he's ok, but sometimes not. argh! i just want to use the air conditioner!! and we're talking about 28 to 30 degrees celcius here, with some wicked humidity. wah, i'm whining again, aren't i?

on saturday, after an appointment at the clinic in shingu, we went to the beach. there were a fair amount of people there, plus the water was 'dirty' with seaweed. luckily it wasn't all up and down the beach, and we found a nice 'clean' place to play. hiro loved it, and didn't want to leave! i however got tired so we had to take a screaming hiro back to the car. poor little guy. i also got sunburned. dammit! i have been trying to avoid too much sun, mainly because pregnant women seem to be more sensitive to it than at other times. luckily i was only red on my shoulders for about a day, then it went tan. *sigh*

hiro wants to go back to the water

my mom sent hiro a little outfit for the seafair festival in seattle. it's really cute!

lil' pirate

poop deck