here was our dinner last night:


okonomiyaki. called a japanese stuffed pancake, i really don't know how to describe it. it's made with a batter (basically flour, yama-imo, egg and water. the yama-imo is a kind of taro or potato...) and cabbage, and you add whatever you like. this one had green pepper, negi, shrimp and pork. it's fairly easy to make, though i have trouble cooking it properly....

then we did fireworks. sparklers really. hiro's first, and they scared him.


he had to hold on to yoshi, but he also often ran into the house. LOL

holding on...

yoshi was really happy sharing fireworks with his son for the first time.


and yes, hiro was in his underwear. he didn't want to get dressed after we gave him a shower in the afternoon, and then at dinner he got sauce on his onesie, so it seemed pointless afterward...