the rainy season had officially ended when i wrote the last post. yay. now onto the mold...that morning i had to go out and buy all sorts of things for battling the mold. dehumidifiers mostly. i also got some roach hotels because yoshi found four (and killed them) the night before. gross. not even one day up and we had a 'guest'. gross.

yoshi keeps 'tidying' and i can't find a goddamn thing, so i also bought a brush for getting mold off our shoes. yes, our shoes. *sigh* i'm going to have to go through the shoes box, clean off all the moldy things, then clean out the damn box with some kind of mold killing cleaner (most likely cleaning towelettes.) cripes. wish hiro could do more. at the moment his 'help' is more a hinderance. poor kid.

i had done a lot of laundry that morning (of the last post) and put it out before going shopping. and got home just before a sudden shower that happens in summer here. (i remember them from south carolina, too, so it's not just a japanese thing.) lucky that.

on wednesday night i wanted to have yaki niku, so i dragged out the old grill. it's really small, something i got from a JET that was leaving a few years ago. the charcoal i had was so old (and moldy) that i couldn't get the damn thing to get started! *sigh* so, we had inside yakiniku, also called teppan yaki (using my sukiyaki pan) and a portable stove. it was great, even yoshi enjoyed it (he doesn't like to eat a lot of meat...) afterward we were clearing up...i took the hot pan into the kitchen, leaving hiro with yoshi when hiro suddenly started screaming. apparently he had touched the portable stove (it wasn't on, but still very hot) and burned his finger. dammit! i have to admit i was very angry with yoshi, for not watching him properly. i mean, do i have to mention every time i leave them alone that he needs to keep an eye on him? it was burned quite badly, he had a blister, but such a small burn...we didn't take him to the emergency room, but immersed his finger in cold water for a long time. thursday morning i took him to the pediatrician, and everything is fine. i think the doctor told me that next time (!) i didn't need to bring him unless the blister broke. *sigh* at least it wasn't a terrible burn...poor little baby.

well, gotta clean. or relax. this morning i got out all of hiro's 0-3 months clothes. i have to wash them because they smell like mothballs! ick. can you believe that i've already packed my bag for the hospital? LOL well, there's a chance this baby is coming early, so i gotta be ready. *sigh*