people keep asking me if i need or want anything. for the baby. i don't, not really (except maybe a housekeeper and a maid, oh, and a driver plus a cook. it could be the same person, i guess, who would be here first thing in the morning and leave after we go to bed. but i'm just being selfish...) there is something i want for me, though.

a pedicure.

*sigh* i can reach my toes, that's no problem. but...i suck at painting on nail polish. and it would be nice to have a little massage (i've read that certain points on the feet can trigger labor, though, and i'm not ready for that!) and some shaping (i suck at the emory board, too). i am wearing the same pair of shoes every day, a pair of soft wedges i bought at AEON a couple of weeks ago (when midori went home for summer), soft rubbery sandals that are open backed and have pink beads on them. they 'expose' my feet, though, and while not ugly, a nice color on my toenails would be nice.

that's pretty much all i want. really.