i have an appointment today, and it's raining like hell. typhoon you know. but the wind isn't that bad. and hey, all my plants are getting watered without any effort by me. that's cool. now it's about eight o' clock, and the appointment's at ten. i hope the rain lightens up a bit before then. i mean, i LOVE rain, but getting the kid to the car is going to be.....wet. ha.

we might go to kashiihama afterward, or maybe costco...i'm still craving pepperoni pizza (and now chocolate milk, thanks to L.) enjoy the rain or something. oh! something good about the typhoon: yesterday, for the first time in ages, hiro and i went for a walk. although it was still about the same temperature (hot), it was cloudy. without the blazing sun it was so comfortable. and today, it's so cool. and the wind has suddenly picked up. hiro is practically being swept out the living room doors! LOL he's playing on the porch with his trike, with time-out breaks with the curtains (which keep flying out the door.) at least i don't have to worry about wasps and hornets! although it's a bit wet...LOL.

tomorrow yoshi's going to his cousin's wedding and staying the night in omuta. thankfully his brother is picking him up tomorrow so hiro and i will have the car. it's also supposed to be freakin' hot tomorrow, so...might be using the air conditioner a lot, even though we got the electric bill yesterday (yikes!). enjoy your weekend!