well, we survived the trip through the typhoon to the clinic. everything is good, weight was down, baby is bigger and hiro didn't freak out when i went to see the doctor. yes, he actually stayed and played in the play area. good thing, too, because i had a pelvic exam (or a swab or something like that), as well as...well...you know. apparently dilated 1.5 cms or so. hm.

then we went to kashiihama, because they have covered parking. after getting wet going to from the clinic to the car it seemed wise to go somewhere that would be dry. not very crowded there today, that was nice.

ok, can i talk about my clinic? i love it. honestly. i even like my doctor, weight issues aside. he's so nice. and calm. and funny. he speaks english (did i mention that??) and is always telling me to call any time. the nurses are all very sweet (and young! the first time i went in for this pregnancy one of the 'new' girls was going to withdraw my blood. but i have tiny veins so...luckily for me she called over one of the more experienced nurses. phew!) the midwives are mostly nice, too, though i suspect they are more stressed out than the nurses and some of them have a little less patience... the clinic smells so nice. i think they have some kind of aromatherapy going on for the whole clinic. i do know that i saw some aromatherapy thing in the delivery room during the tour we took at the last 'mother's class'.

the food is fantastic. the rooms are beautiful. even though the exam chair is one of those weird japanese ones, i really don't mind the curtain and the 'privacy'. the doctor gave me a gift when hiro was two days old, and when he turned a year old, the clinic sent him a gift. i am glad yoshi found this clinic for me, even if it is expensive...