i actually need to start this post on friday, because it was the beginning of a very busy weekend. i was expecting my friend sato-san to come over, she wanted to meet the baby. she and i met at watanabe clinic nearly two years ago. well, because her son was born four hours after hiro!! anyway, i tidied up the house and vacuumed (phew). around nine in the morning, though, these two guys showed up with a big-ass truck (with a cherry picker and everything) and proceeded to groom the garden! they came last year, but in early summer, so i thought they weren't coming this year. at any rate, the garden looks AWESOME!! it's so nice.

sato-san arrived before lunch and stayed for about an hour. she brought a lovely little outfit that sasha can wear next fall! it's so cute. then, she had to go and take her son to daycare. she had a day off from work, but he still had hoikuen (including a bento lunch she made). i think she brought him because i made a comment about he and hiro meeting. oops! she probably wanted a little more free time than that gave her, but it was nice seeing her son (he developed more quickly than hiro, walking and talking before him. not that i'm worried about it, i'm just saying...LOL). she was quite jealous about sasha being a girl. she told me that when she was pregnant she wanted a girl and was a tad bit disappointed when the ultrasound showed something different...LOL

after they left i took my mom to hamakatsu, a pork cutlet restaurant. she loved it! then we pretty much hung out at home, working on a jigsaw puzzle that i had bought her. that was fun!

on saturday morning, yoshi and i went to an open house. last week we got a flyer in our mailbox about an open house in a nearby neighborhood. recently yoshi asked me if i wanted to buy a house. now, i'm not really sure, but i do like to look at houses. so, we took hiro with us and left sasha with my mom. it was a nice house, but a bit expensive for it's age and condition. we were there for about forty-five minutes, yoshi was very good at asking questions and finding out about the house. it had a decent-sized yard, and a toilet upstairs, i was impressed with that! LOL

the night before, however, yoshi had done some 'research' on the internet. he found out about a house that was going to be built (in munakata) for a much cheaper price than the ten-year-old house we looked at. and, it had a toilet upstairs, too. so, while my mom and i went to lunch (and buy a wooden rocking horse for hiro's birhtday. it's beautiful!) he called the real estate agent and set up a viewing appointment. when i got home he told me about it and then we had to wrassle hiro back into the car and leave the baby with my mom again. it took us a while to find the place...but it's nice. on top of a hill, it's a very windy place! i guess my laundry would dry fast in a place like that!! however, nothing is built yet.

however, the model house is in the next town over, and i didn't want to leave sasha alone that long. i mean, she hadn't nursed in a long time, i haven't pumped yet and we don't use formula. no problem! the real estate agent followed us to our house, we loaded up the baby (still in her car seat from before; it's a great chair/rocker) and headed off. at the model house, hiro ran around while sasha slept (great sleeper, that one.) we looked around the house (toilet upstairs! insulation! big bath!), though it was still a bit difficult to picture what the finished product would be, since the model house was smaller than what would be built. but...we liked it.

that evening yoshi called his dad and told him all about it. he thought it was a great deal. yoshi also called his brother, and it was decided that he would come over and check it out on sunday. well, even though i was expecting friends, i wanted my mom to check it out, too. so, it was decided that we would all go again (in two cars) to the site and the model house.

on saturday night, an awful awful thing happened.

i took hiro upstairs to go to bed. i also had sasha up there, because she was asleep. if she isn't, she usually fusses, and that disturbs hiro. and, if i have to nurse her, i need the light on, which also disturbs hiro. but, she was asleep, so i turned off the light. hiro was in the opposite direction of what he should have been, so i tried to pick him up and turn him around. but, he had pushed his right arm under the futon, under me, and with the light off, i couldn't see that. i pulled on him, trying to lift him up and turn him around when i heard this awful POP sound. i seriously thought i broke his arm! i shouted for yoshi and started to cry. hiro started to cry. yoshi came into the room and i told him i thought i broke hiro's arm. yoshi looked at hiro and gave him a big smile. so, i tried to stop crying and smile too. my mom came upstairs and i told her what happened. thankfully sasha had eaten before we went to bed. my mom took her downstairs and yoshi took hiro. yoshi had had a beer, so i had to drive to the hospital. that meant quickly throwing on my clothes while yoshi phoned around to hospitals. poor hiro. i looked in one of my baby books on what to do: ice. so, i got some ice from the freezer and wrapped it in a towel. but hiro's arm didn't seem to be swelling. and he stopped crying...long story short: i dislocated his elbow. thank god i didn't break it!! i mean, it was so awful, and painful for poor little hiro, but i would just hate myself if i broke his arm, even accidentally. at the emergency room the doctor (a brain surgeon!!) finally figured out what was wrong (oh, when will my baby boy talk??) and popped his elbow back into place, and it was smiles and waving bye-bye...

and yoshi buys a house

on sunday morning yoshi's dad called and said he and yoshi's mother were coming to see the house and land. *sigh* and this was the day that my japanese teacher was coming with his kids to see my mom and the kids. with yoshi's brother coming, too, i was looking at far too many people in my house!! the visit with my teacher and his family was nice. his son came to visit seattle one summer, so that's how he knows my mom. my teacher's daughter loved the baby, she wanted to hold her a long time. then yoshi's parents arrived, loaded down with their usual six bags of food *sigh* it was strained at first, my MIL does not do well with strangers. after a few minutes, though, almost everyone was talking and laughing. then, we went to lunch. except...yoshi and his parents did not join us. must. not. comment...

after lunch, my teacher wanted to go to munakata taisha, so we took a few pictures and then went our separate ways. i thought it would be better to meet up instead of my mom, the kids and i going home and then leaving again. when i got to the land, yoshi was filling out paperwork. looks like he bought a house! i'm actually not too upset about him not talking to me about it first. i mean, i knew about it, and i guess he thought i was ready to buy, but if anything goes wrong, it will be all him! no recriminations for me! woo hoo

so, depending on whether or not he's approved for the loan, yoshi bought us a house. it should be finished in january, though we haven't decided exactly when to move in (we still have 'free' rent until next august in our current house). exciting times!