my mom went home on tuesday. sasha and i got up bright and early to take her. actually, i only got about two hours sleep because i couldn't get to sleep the night before! i worked on the puzzle we were doing together (and my mom was leaving there), wandered around the internet, fed mom had a long way to go. i'm glad to have her here, it was great she made the effort. business class flights probably helped. (actually, she was upgraded to first for some reason on her way here. now that's the way to fly!)

it was so nice to have someone here to talk (bitch) to in english. and hanging out and going shopping every day. especially with your mom who wants to buy your kids all kinds of things...but it was fun going to restaurants, too, because i am like my mom and hate fish! hahaha! she loved yakiniku (my favorite) and wanted to go back to a tonkatsu-ya. yum. it was easy getting around because she could take care of getting sasha in and out of the car (hiro won't let anyone, not even yoshi, help him get in and out of the car except me. *sigh*)

i know it must be hard for my mom living so far away from her grandkids. sorry mom. thanks for coming, it was great having you here.