we've been pretty busy here. perhaps that's obvious, but...LOL yesterday yoshi and i spent most of our morning at the hospital. saori may have a heart problem so we had to see a specialist. it could be something serious, it may be something that heals up on its own, it's hard to say now. i am not worried too much about it, at the moment it's a wait and see type of thing. of course i hope things improve on their own and that my little baby girl will avoid surgery. please send positive thoughts her way.

hiro is so cute. he kisses saori on his own. of course, i think he does it because i do it, and he wants my approval sooooo much. he also doesn't want me to leave again, so he does whatever he can to make me happy. poor little guy! he needs an extra wish, too. he is doing well with my mother--if i'm not around. when i am, only i will do, and NO ONE can help out. today at costco he had to help me, and threw a fit if my mom pushed the baby's stroller! goodness. i hope i can restore his trust soon.

that's about it around here. we had thought of going to miyazaki on the weekend, but yoshi changed his mind. *sigh* it has been rainy ever since my mom got here, and more rain is predicted for the rest of the week, over the weekend and into next week. i'm tired of rain. shocking, i know. but it rained a lot over the rainy season. and winter is coming soon, so i want hot sunshine!! it is nice at night, though, and i can sleep comfortably again. no complaints there!

birth story soon, i hope!