i'm still gonna make you wait for the birth story (as un-exciting as it is. ;) but i thought i'd share some pictures with you. besides, you can see a couple in my flickr badge, anyway.

baby and daddy

since yoshi had to take care of hiro, he didn't get to hold saori until the afternoon of the 31st. here they are together for the first time.

saori rose

here's saori just after we got her back to my room. i think this is still on the 31st. she didn't stay with me that night, i got a break.


here i tried to get a close up (and actually used macro) of her hand. both her hands had these blister-like marks on them--she loves to suck so much that she caused this in the womb!! her sucking instinct makes it easier to breastfeed, that's for sure!

pretty girl

this is my favorite photo so far, i even made it public on flickr.

yosh yosh yosh

here i am teaching hiro to touch his sister nicely...

so different

this is too cute not to share. that's joey taking a nap beside saori. soooo different!!

going home

here we are about to go home. the midwife took a picture of us for the memorial DVD/CD they'll give us at the one-month check-up. i asked her to take a picture with our camera as well.

that's it for now. soon it will be the weekend and we'll have a very full house, so i probably won't be able to post again until next week!