i breastfed hiro for a year. at around ten months or so, he started nursing less. and by the time he was thirteen months, he just wasn't interested. i was tired of nursing...i didn't have a very good bra and nursing meant doing nothing else. i know that's the beauty of nursing, but...every time. i couldn't read a book. i couldn't use the internet. i couldn't watch TV (because there was nothing interesting on).

but i missed it when we finished. i felt sad that i wanted it to end. but i couldn't cram my nipple into his mouth (that is wrong, right?) and so we were done. right around that time, though, i got pregnant again. and i visited home and finally got a bra that fit correctly. that gave me an idea of what size nursing bra i should get. that really helps this time. often, i can nurse with a free hand! read a book, stroke the baby or hold hiro's hand. it's much better.

of course, being an experienced breastfeeder and having a baby much like the last one (nursing like a pro right off the bat, good suck, good hunger) makes it so much easier from the start. i expressed milk for the first time yesterday--i got a full four ounces from my left breast!! that NEVER happened when i was breastfeeding hiro.

i love this time with sasha. since she's the second child, her time is often shared with hiro. nursing is precious time for us.

precious time