well, here it is friday again, and i haven't blogged much. *sigh* it's that flickritis i tell you! LOL

on tuesday i went to a pre-school to observe classes. not for hiro, but for me. but it might be a situation where i could work and bring my children. wouldn't that be nice? it was a nice school, i had a nice positive impression of it.

on wednesday hiro and i went to starbucks in kashiihama for a halloween party. it was cute. a party for no more than ten children under the age of six. three or four employees of starbucks first told the story of halloween, then the children got paper masks (cat-woman style) and black garbage bags to decorate. then it was trick-or-treat time, and the kids got a marshmallow and some apple juice, and their parents got some coffee (ick). then they took pictures. gah!

so, how did hiro like it? he didn't. not at all. you see, he fell asleep in the car on the way there. he woke up when i took him out of the car, and he was ok, but when we got to starbucks and he saw the other kids, he got really grouchy! it was a little embarassing. and poor hiro! he kept trying to leave, or play with sasha's stroller. *sigh* he got into the swing of things, though, when he found out that sweets and juice were involved.

halloween party at starbucks
(obviously, i didn't take that photo)

yesterday we went to diamond city. ah, my favorite shopping center. hiro again fell asleep just before i got there, and i thought i'd put him in a stroller, but the ones they have their are difficult to put kids into, even when they're awake, so i woke him up...*double sigh* we wandered around a bit and then had donuts at mr. donut. then we took sasha to the baby room and got her weighed. she's nearly five kilos!! wow, she's growing up. *sob*

no plans for today. tomorrow is hiro's birthday and i think we're going to uminonakamichi. probably go to the aquarium again, but also, i'd like to go to the big park there. hopefully we'll have fun!