ok, i know i haven't been blogging much lately. and yes, it's because of the baby in the house. but, i want to write more. i've also decided to update my blogroll. usually i ask people before i put a link to their blog here. but now, i'm just gonna ask you here. if you have a blog of your own and would like me to link to you here, please let me know in comments. :) also, i probably won't change the look, i like this template but if you have any comments on that please let me know.

also, i've decided to try NaBloPoMo next month! not for any prizes, though, but just to have some motivation to write. to blog that is. it will be difficult on weekends, but i'll try! oh wait, i'll already fail, because we're going to miyazaki next weekend. oh well, maybe i can blog from there. anyway, do your part and try to comment on a blog once a day. let's do it! (haha, gambare has soooo become a part of my lexicon, it just doesn't translate well into english without me looking like an extra-bubbly cheerleader! LOL)

i do have some posts coming up, i promise! maybe even after i post this! yay!