ok, looking at it two days later it wasn't that bad. and as i was telling medea on the phone on saturday night, no one got arrested so it wasn't the worst birthday ever. but...it just didn't go that well, either. yoshi had to go in to work on saturday morning, but because it was the weekend i wanted to go to uminonakamichi early. i also didn't want to make breakfast but was starving, so we went to royal host for breakfast. it was nice, but then i had to go back and make bentos. i wanted to save money so we could go out for dinner, but we went out for breakky instead!

while yoshi worked for a little while, i made the bentos, fed sasha, changed diapers and got things prepared for a picnic lunch. then i had to wrassle with hiro to get him in the car! *sob* i shouted at him and then didn't want to go to the aquarium. so then i felt guilty, and i felt sad that hiro wasn't having a birthday party with other kids, with cake and ice cream and presents. he did recieve a present from us, a puzzle, and we had cake on friday night, but... anyway, we picked yoshi up and decided to go ahead and try.

when we got to the aquarium we only had to pay for yoshi, and he got a discount, so that was good. then we went downstairs and had lunch on their lawn. hiro played in the grass with the stroller, sasha slept and yoshi complained about the lunch. *sigh* then we went in and saw the fish. it's a nice aquarium but this is the third time i've been there since sasha was born! LOL after about an hour or so we were done and decided to leave. on our way there yoshi said it was too bad we couldn't go to (some italian restaurant chain in japan that i never properly remember the name of) because they did a little birthday thing. i told him that the hard rock cafe does a birthday thing, but it (HRC) was expensive. but!! i also reminded him that hawks town also has a GAP and i could do window-shopping....we had had a hard time with hiro and were tired, but yoshi thought we could probably be ok if we went to hawks town. yay!

we first went to GAP and i loved all the little baby clothes (especially the girls stuff!) and i found some coveralls for hiro--i just don't think he has enough pants for winter. eventually yoshi got bored and wandered off with sasha. i finally had to go to the bathroom but couldn't find yoshi. so, i took hiro to find the public toilet. i had the intention of changing his diaper, but i didn't have any in my bag!! i have waaaay too much stuff in my bad at the moment, so i try to keep his diapers in the stroller or in his backpack. *sigh* as i walked back to the GAP, yoshi called and asked where i was. i asked him, where are you?! waiting in front of GAP with a very hungry sasha. i rushed off to toys r us (baby room) and yoshi and slow hiro fell behind. they didn't turn down the hallway towards toys r us, and i didn't want to shout after yoshi, so i just went to the baby room. after a few minutes, i could hear hiro crying outside of the baby room. i called to him, but i guess he didn't hear me. when i finished with sasha i went out to find that hiro had tripped and fell on his face!! poor little guy. he split his lip, and i think he even hurt his gum. his lip was swollen and there was a lot of blood. yoshi was angry at the hard floors of toys r us for hurting his son's face!! haha...i actually think he tripped because of his shoes. they're too small for him but he insisted on wearing them.

in case you're wondering, yes we did go to hard rock cafe. and yes, it's expensive, but the food is really yummy. we ordered a cobb salad to share, i got fish and chips and yoshi ordered the halloween burger. we also told them it was hiro's birthday so we got the special birthday celebration. it's nice, and it's free! even better, to get ice cream and brownies with a flaming sparkler and a candle, a big button with our picture on it saying, 'happy birthday 2006', a guitar pin with hiro's zodiac sign on it and a gift certificate for 20% off merchandise in their store. they didn't even ask for proof of birthday! LOL and...hiro even ate a lot although i thought he wouldn't because it would hurt his lip. musta been a hungry boy!