haha, not really. if you knew me IRL you'd know that i'm a terrible housekeeper. LOL i HATE housework! anyway, the temperature is changing, it's definitely cooler these days. this morning i was positively cold! on monday i started going through clothes. i have a LOT of baby clothes, although i gave away a lot of hiro's things up to 12 mos.! i have also received a lot of clothes, both from friends and from internet friends, not to mention my mom and sister! and...i have a recycle shop problem! the mall near costco has an "off-house" and they're kids clothes are pretty ok (for used things) at a very reasonable price!

so, sasha has already grown out of one or two things, plus there are clothes i will probably never use for her, so i already have girl things to give away. also, i've been preparing for hiro's winter, but on monday when i was going through the vacuum bags of clothes i found that he can still wear much of what he had last winter! oops! although, he did need some pants (i am swimming in shirts. when they're very small they wreck their shirts. when they're a bit bigger they wreck their pants!! LOL)

so, i've prepared a bag of baby girl clothes, a bag of clothes for medea and a bag for the recycle center (not a used clothes store) and even ended up with a bag of hardly worn bras!! haha! ahem.

so, this post was meant for yesterday and i had an idea for today's post but i think i'm running out of time this morning to write. first day of a month of blogging and i'm already behind!!