so yesterday, after i filled the car with gas, i drove off with my wallet on the roof of the car. yes, i'm that ditzy. by the time i realized it about ten minutes later, it was too late. i went back to the gas station but it wasn't there. i looked up the road with an attendant, but sasha was hungry (and hiro was asleep) so i couldn't go and look properly. another worker, the manager i think, came out and offered to walk up the road and look. he asked me where i had gone. i told him and then changed and nursed sasha. when she finished i used rags to wipe up the car. then i sat and waited. he came back but no wallet. he asked me where i had gone before i realized i lost my wallet. i told him and he took off in a car to look for it! times like these remind me why i stay in japan.

unfortunately, he came back without it. an hour after i had come back to the station i was heading for a police station with a hand-drawn map. it took me two tries but i found it. a tiny little place with a bored, but kind, policeman inside. let me emphasize on how nice he was! he took my information and tried to find out how i could replace my license. since i recently changed my name, and rarely looked at the damn thing so i couldn't remember how my name was written on it, i spent an hour there as well. but he was so kind and helpful, and hiro got to run around outside, that i hardly noticed the time.

on the road again i stopped at a few restaurant stops down the road from the gas station. i asked the people working there if someone had found a wallet outside and turned it in to them. no one had. they were nice, one guy even wanted to chat with me, but one old fellow called me an idiot! yes, thank you, i know that. how helpful. ugh.

i went home feeling dumb, but trying not to let it get me down. i couldn't call yoshi and tell him because he would just worry about it at work and come home grumpy. i got home hours later than i intended. i got a call from a guy i'm doing some substitution classes for and he told me that maybe i couldn't bring both kids after all...*sigh* then yoshi called me and said that he'd had a call from the police. someone had found my wallet and turned it in. everything seems to be in it. i don't even have to give a cash reward. i have to pick it up today, and so i hope to tell you the end of the story soon.

and yes, i am dumb.