after lots of deleting, cutting and pasting, i have finally got the old girl back to her original design. i think i've input that blog roll seven times!! that's a pain because i have to go to bloglines, click on a blog, click that link, copy, go to blogger (open in another tab) and then add the link. *sigh* seven times of that. thank goodness i don't have more than twenty blogs on my blog roll! (i would copy text and save it in a word program--or equivalent--but i can't find any word programs!!)

and yes, i saved my template before screwing around with it, but NOW I CAN'T FIND IT!! i tried to save it but it went into a game program, which makes absolutely no sense, and now i can't find it, not even in computer searches (well, i found it in the game, but then i couldn't access it). obviously, i'm pretty computer-stupid.

*sigh* i've had this template for ever, at least two years, but i still like it! too bad that other one started bugging me. and that it wasn't properly supported. oh well, i can still write, that's the important thing!